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A new place every season

What home decorating style is your favourite one? Do you like the french country style? The industrial look? Or maybe the lodge style, with high ceiling fireplace, timber walls, and all other things combined with this look?

As most of you know I’m totally into the french country look, but the autumn is coming soon, and I can’t stop myself from thinking the lodge decorating style is quite comfy and cosy during this season. The wooden floors, the fireplace, the timber walls, the sound of the fire on a rainy evening…. Lovely! And even better if the house is actually situated in natural surroundings as well! What could be more cosy than to sit in the sofa, get warmed up by a fire from the fireplace, look out through the window and see a mountain lake outside? Isn’t that the perfect surrounding for the autumn? I sure think so!

Tell me something… If you were able to change your home (or move to different places) based on season… What would your autumn place look like? Would you keep it white and clean, to let in much light? Or would you go with autumn colours to follow the season? Or maybe move to a lodge and live close to the nature? Or just keep the same place every season?

Oh, and what do you think of the lodge above? Quite nice, eh? But I miss the timber walls though!