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A new table with a cool design

It’s fun you know… I’ve been searching for a new side table for the living room for quite some time now. There’s nothing wrong with the existing one to be honest, but I feel it would look better with a smaller table, maybe a round one, or square shaped, not rectangular as the one we have at the moment. I guess you all know that feeling? It doesn’t have to concern tables, it can just as well be a matter of choosing the right curtains, the perfect wall shelf or the most suitable sofa. It’s always possible to improve things at home.

Well, I haven’t found much during my shopping tours. It started to seem quite impossible to find a nice side table. But then… I visited a website with interior news and found a really cool table with a unique design. Take a look at it on the photo above! Pretty amazing, right?

This table is a lot smaller than the one I have today, it’s light and it’s made of aluminium, which means both that I could move it when I felt an urge to redecorate my home every now and then, and it also means it can be used outside as well as indoors. It’s been designed by Jules Barrès and Pierre Guillou, and I love the unique idea! Maybe it’s not my ordinary style, but I like it, and I would definitely consider placing one of these tables in my living room. What do you think? Does it look nice? Do you like the style and the idea? Would you consider placing it in your home?