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A street sign for your home?

Some of you may be quite new here, while others has been around for months, or even a year or more. I guess you may have noticed that I write about some of our signs from time to time, and I have a purpose with doing that you know… I’m hoping to give you some ideas and inspiration, so that you can make the most out of our truly beautiful signs. I hope you find it as fun to read as I do to write it. I really think it’s fun to come up with ideas and share them with you guys! Some of the ideas may even be from you, as I get inspired by signs ordered by our customers. It’s among the things I appreciate the most actually.

Well, it’s time again, which I think you may have guessed already. I do have a new idea for you to consider. You have probably visited our website already, right? Then you’ve probably seen that we offer house number signs, address plaques, name plates and door signs. That’s true of course, but did you know that you have other alternatives as well? Alternatives that can’t be found on our website, but that can be custom made just for you? You can actually order almost any type of sign, and we’ll do our best to make it exactly like you want it to be.

An example… Look at the sign above… A street sign. No, we didn’t make it, but we can make something similar! And it obviously doesn’t have to be black. We can just as well create a street sign in blue and white (if you like the old French street signs), white and black, green and white and so on. It’s your choice, we’ll listen to your requests! And the measures? Well, that’s up to you as well! We can make bigger signs than the ones  you can see on our website, so use your imagination and give us a suggestion. We’ll let you know if it’s possible for us to make it, and I’m quite sure we can help you!

Maybe you wonder why you need a street sign, when you don’t own a complete street, but think again! Wouldn’t it be nice to place a French looking street sign on the porch, beside an old chair and an old wooden box filled with flowers? Or maybe put up a black and white street sign on a stone wall, to make it even more visible? I sure think so!

Do you like the idea? Maybe you get some own thoughts on how to use a custom made street sign? Let’s hear all about it!