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Colours and classics

It’s easy to forget how beautiful colours can be. It’s way too easy to think that white is the only stylish and beautiful colour, but then I see a lovely photo online, that reminds me how beautiful it can be with colours if they’re used wisely.

It’s Saturday tomorrow, which means it’s time for “Blog of the Week”. The blog that I’ll mention now would definitely deserve a place there any time, but I don’t want to save it for a Saturday. I just want to show you a photo in order to give you an idea of how much the right colour choice really means.

Monica, the blogger behind Tyrifryd, is a Norwegian interior blogger with great taste. She’proved that over and over again, by decorating her home and showing the results on her blog. Last year she decorated and renovated her front porch, which can be seen in the photo above (also borrowed from Tyrifryd). I just love the result! I love the combination of grey and blue, the white accessories like flowers and vases, the black contrasts, and I love the Highlander name sign on the front door. White and black is the perfect choice for this entrance door, and it adds even more classic beauty to an already beautiful place.

I really like this front porch, and one big reason is that Monica used colours in such a great way, to give it a happy, yet stylish look. Do you like it?