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Give-away Ramsign

A little advice before we start

Remember I told you that a give-away is about to start over at our Facebook page? Well, I’m sure I told you so, but I’m also pretty sure I didn’t mention a date. Well, the date is set now, and the fact is… The give-away will start tomorrow. Don’t forget it! It’s a great chance for one of you to win a house number sign of your own choice!

So, as I said a house number sign will be the award in this upcoming give-away, and I know many of you’d like to have one. But how would you use it if you actually won? I’ve listed three great ways to use house number signs, but I’m sure there are even more ways. If you come up with any ideas, don’t hesitate to share it with all the other readers!

  1. A birthyear sign – It can be your birthyear (I have one of those actually), but it can also be the year when you became a mom (or dad), or the year you got married.
  2. A lucky number – Do you have a lucky number? Then you should consider having it on an enamel sign. You can have a round one with your lucky number (mine would be 7) or a square one, or rectangular… Whatever you prefer. Put it on the wall in the bedroom so that you can see it every day when you wake up!
  3. A date to remember – Did you get married on July 7th? Why not get a sign with 0707 on it? It will forever remind you of the most amazing day of your life. Of course any date will do! As long as it’s a date you’d like to remember forever.

You can obviously choose your address numbers or a single house number as well. We do have signs with room for just 1 number, but also signs with room for up to 5 numbers. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something suitable, don’t you think? Remember to come by tomorrow to enter the give-away on our Facebook page!