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Blog of the Week #4

I know it’s a bit late, the ”blog of the week” post is supposed to be published on weekends, but it wasn’t really an option this time, as weekend was filled with give-away planning and give-away posts. I guess you’ve all seen the give-away on our Facebook page, where one happy winner will get to choose his or her custom made house number sign.

Well, enough on that topic now, this is a totally different kind of post. This is the blog of the week, a bit late, but still as interesting!

Well, my choice was actually not too difficult this week. This blog has been one of my favourites for ages and I visit it frequently. I’m sure most of you have already seen it as well, but in case you haven’t…. Please do! It’s a must actually, because this is something extra.

The blog that has been chosen this week is frequently updated in a professional way, and the content is always top-notch. The photos are beautiful, whether they’re borrowed from other places or taken by the blogger herself. The photo above is borrowed from her blog, just to show a beautiful example. I can honestly say from my heart that this blogger is probably one of the most talented blog authors online, and that’s impressive….

The blog of the week is…

Decor8 – owned and updated by Holly Becker

I truly admire Holly’s work, not only with Decor8, but also with the books she’s published, and her online blog courses. I also thought it was a great time to write about this blog, since registration for the upcoming blog course opened yesterday. The course will start on November 1st, and it’s called Blogging Your Way: With Intention & Style.

On this blog course you will be able to learn more about blog branding, turning ideas into action, online communities, interior styling, photo editing and many other things. I actually plan to sign up myself, and I think it’ll be a truly interesting and educating month for sure. Have a look at the course outline and see if you agree.