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Blog of the Week #5

Time for Blog of The Week! YES! It should have been published days ago, but then again, things are not always as planned, and I’ve already told you about my little blog post disaster, so no need to dive in there again 😉

Well, the blog that I’ve selected this week belongs to a really sweet person. She runs a web shop along with her family, and the things you can find in there are really unique and cute. I actually have several things from her shop at home, and when I first moved to this new place, the ”This is the Life” sign from her shop was actually the first thing to be put on the wall. Amazing, right?

Well, the web shop isn’t the only great thing about this girl. Her blog is great too! She writes in a great way, letting us take part of her daily life with her husband and precious kids. It’s always a pleasure to drop by and read the latest posts, and I really think you should do it as well. This may not be the largest blog online, but it sure is one of my favourites and I’m sure you’ll love it as well!

Blog of the Week is…

163 Design Company Blog (she also has the great blog The Finest Kind of Life).

Read it! You won’t regret it one minute. Every single post is engaging and well written, and the photos are beautiful as well. If I get a moment to read blogs, I always stop by here first. It’s worth a visit!