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Blog of the Week #7

I have to admit that I love this chapter of the blog. I love searching through Bloglandia, trying to find new gems for you to read, get inspired by, love, and eventually return to. It’s a pleasure for me, and I hope it’s a good thing for you too, as you may find some new favourites.

I think it’s important to find a good mix of blogs, which means I’m not just choosing English blogs from the US and UK. I also try to show you some great European blogs, as I think photos and style are just as important as the texts when it comes to interior blogs. The photos can give you so much inspiration even if you don’t understand every single word in the posts, right?

With that said, I don’t have to explain why I’ve chosen a Swedish blog as the Blog of the Week. It has so much to offer. Inspiration, news, excellent photos and much more.

The Blog of the Week is…


Maria who’s the author of the blog is a freelance writer and she’s really good at finding interior related news. If I want to know what’s happening in the world of design and interior I visit Husligheter. I can be sure to always find something great to read and look at there. Sometimes it’s photos of apartments for sale, such as the one below. It’s always fun to see her findings from Hemnet and other places where you can buy and rent apartments.


Other times it can be cool design findings, with great advice on where to shop. I love that! The cool pendant light below is just one of all the great things that she’s been writing about on her blog (it can be found at Cross Street Garage by the way).


If I could just add ten blogs to my blog roll, Husligheter would definitely be one of them. It’s informative, inspiring, beautiful and well written. I also love the fact that it’s frequently updated, and yet every single post is well planned and there’s never any nonsense to be found there. Splendid… That’s the word!