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Give your garden a magical feeling

Have you ever walked down the street a late summer night, watching all the beautiful houses with beautiful outdoor lighting? Then you’re probably aware of the fact that a house and a garden can look so much nicer with the right lighting. The perfect outdoor lighting can actually give an almost magical feeling to the garden in the evening and it can make the house look classic and beautiful during daytime.

Do you put much effort into the outdoor lighting outside your house? I haven’t done that before but I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that outdoor lamps can change the impression so quickly. A garden that looked so ordinary during daytime can change into an amazing place after sunset and a house that used to look plain can reach its full potential with help from some beautiful wall lamps. I will definitely pay more attention to this fact this year and it’s time for my home to get a lighting makeover as well. Maybe it’s time to improve your home with some new outdoor lighting as well?


All photos: Kulturbelysning




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  1. Dear Tezz, thank you for stopping by, I appreciate your comment. Your lighting line is beautiful, traditional, similar to what I have at home. I will be stopping in to see what is new! N.xo

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