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Eco-friendly General

Our work for the environment

Eco-friendly products gets more and more popular and that goes for all kinds of products, from makeup to clothes. I personally think that this new eco-thinking is great and I’m very glad to work for a company who takes its responsibility and cares about the environment. I’ve shown photos of our signs on the blog before but I haven’t told you much about the production part and I thought this might be a good time to tell you about why our signs are eco-friendly.

As you might have read we offer a 30-year warranty for all our signs and we can do that because we know that our signs are very durable. They often last for an entire lifetime and it’s easy to figure out that this is good for the environment. Instead of producing a higher amount of signs that lasts only a few years we make sure to produce signs that are very durable in order to minimize waste and save nature resources. The benefits for you as a customer are big as well. You will save money by investing in a sign that will last for many decades instead of a sign that will have to be replaced in a few years. Another thing that has to be mentioned is that we follow all EU environmental requirements and all our signs are manufactured in Europe. In addition we only use non-toxic recyclable materials and iron and glass.

I’m very proud of this eco-thinking and I try to take my responsibility as a customer when I’m out shopping as well. I think this is really important and because of that I will show you some other nice eco-friendly products from other companies in my next blog post. Maybe you’ve got some nice tips to share as well?