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A few steps for the environment and some lovely products

I think that most of you agree when I say that it’s important to care about the environment and I’m also sure that some of you already do what you can to support the nature. There’s plenty of things that a single person can do in order to protect the environment and I’ll mention a few of them here.

  1. Take a walk when you can – Leave your car at home if possible. Maybe you can take a walk to the office or to the school when it’s time to pick up the kids. It can be nice to spend some healthy time together on the way home.
  2. Choose eco food – Choose eco friendly food as often as you can. These products are normally marked with a symbol which makes it a lot easier for you. This might seem like a small step but it can make a huge difference in the end.
  3. Choose eco friendly home decor – Yes! You can actually choose eco products when it comes to home decor as well. Take a close look when you’re out shopping. Does the company use eco friendly material? Are the products sustainable?

These steps are really easy to take and everyone can make a difference. There are so many eco friendly products out there and many really nice alternatives. I’ve looked at some sustainable home decor products and furniture and there is so much to choose between. Have a look!

Photo: Viva Terra

Photo: Paloma Pottery

Photo: Branch

Photo: Viva Terra

Photo: Viva Terra