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A wonderful book that will give you plenty of creative ideas

When you think of gardening it’s easy to get a vision of a big garden with a sea of flowers and plenty of fruit trees and rose bushes. Not everyone has a garden like that though and the fact is you can enjoy gardening whether you have a huge garden or just a few square meetres or maybe just a balcony. You can always grow your own herbs, plant some nice flowers in matching colors and make your own outdoor room whether it’s a huge one or a very small one.

If you find it difficult to come up with ideas for gardening in small spaces I’ve got an advice for you. Buy the great book; The balcony gardener – creative ideas for small spaces! It’s written by Isabelle Palmer, who runs the wonderful web shop; The balcony gardener and who’s the author of the blog with the same name. I really appreciate all she’s doing and I really think everyone should read this book! It contains so many nice ideas, not to mention all the wonderful photos. It’s a true treasure to put in the book shelf and I’m sure you will get many new ideas when you read it. In the mean time…. Head over to the web shop and have a look at all the eye candy you can find there, it’s truly one of my favorite shops, all categories!

Photo: The balcony gardener

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