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Add a touch of spring with help from beautiful flowers

This week has been quite cold and this morning I could see the snow fall when I woke up. Not a very nice surprise if you ask me… However, this cold weather makes me want to bring the spring inside as I can’t get that spring feeling outside, and I think flowers is the best way to recreate the feeling of spring. My favourite flowers are tulips and I think it can be absolutely stunning to place a nice tulip bouquet in the living room or in the kitchen. A beautiful bouquet on the side table in the bedroom looks very nice and cosy as well and I think flowers are great in so many ways since they give a very fresh feeling to every home.

A couple of years ago I used to buy new bouquets once in a while, but I often forgot that I didn’t have any suitable vase to put the flowers in. After making that mistake a couple of times I made sure to buy some nice vases as well and today it’s not a problem anymore. I try to have fresh flowers inside all the time to put a welcoming touch to my home and I really think it makes a huge difference. However, before you start bringing flowers inside, I think it’s important that you make sure to have a nice vase or two. Can’t find any? Well, I’ve got a solution for you… Nordic Bliss is the perfect web shop to visit in this case. They have beautiful vases and I thought it would be nice to show you a few items that can be found in their shop. Imagine how they would look with some stunning bouquets in them. Lovely, don’t you think? Head over and take a look, or visit the flower shop right away to bring some sunshine inside today. I promise, it will make it easier to wait for warmer days! Have a look at the first photo, isn’t that a fantastic bouquet? I certainly love it a lot! That one is borrowed from Expressen though and can’t be found over at Nordic Bliss, but it’s definitely worth looking at for a while before heading over to their site where you can find the other eye candy below!

Photo: Expressen

Photos: Nordic Bliss

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