Enamel signs has come to stay

My dear readers, I finally find some time again to come back to my blogging activities! Unfortunately I still don’t have an outstanding amount of time to keep on blogging here, but when I have been looking at my enamel sign this morning, a crazy thought came to my mind: My enamel house number sign is still intact and  didnt seem to age even one day since the day I put it onto my facade. Realizing this astounded me. It sort of caused me not to think of how fast time went by. Since it didnt suffer from any scratch or color-fade-out, it surpassed the last five years as if they were five days.

And this is sort of the feeling I had in the recent years: Time went by so quickly, that is simply unbelievable. The fact that I went by my house entrance every day, seeing the enamel sign not aging, simply put an ephasis on  my perception of time and reality. This morning, looking at the sign while drinking a coffee I was realizing how fast the recent five years went by. Hence, this was the ultimate reminder for me to come back to blogging, too.

I want to get back to my hobbies and come up with more content here again.