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Blog of the Week #3

Incredible! One more week has passed and it’s time for another blog recommendation. Fun, isn’t it? I hope you still have some time to spare today, so that you can spend the last hours of this Sunday reading a new favourite blog, because this is a blog where you can spend hours and hours of […]

Oval House Numbers – Perfect for Christmas

As I mentioned in the previous post, it’s time to look at a fantastic Christmas present. Our oval house numbers are our latest addition, and they’ve already turned out to be very popular, especially in the US where they are among our most popular signs at the moment. What you may not have considered is […]

Accessories for an old stone house

In several villages in the UK, as well as in France, along with other places, you will find extremely charming stone houses, like the ones shown in the photo above. I simply love these houses, they are among the most beautiful houses one can ever find if you ask me. I could definitely see myself […]

Blog of the week #2

Another week has reached its end, and that happened fast! I know I told you I would publish the “blog of the week-post” on Saturdays, but this Saturday seemed to come so quickly, so I actually needed one more day to make up my mind. There are so many great blogs out there, and I […]

Colours and classics

It’s easy to forget how beautiful colours can be. It’s way too easy to think that white is the only stylish and beautiful colour, but then I see a lovely photo online, that reminds me how beautiful it can be with colours if they’re used wisely. It’s Saturday tomorrow, which means it’s time for “Blog […]