Blog of the Week #9

Would you like to find a new blog gem just a few days before Christmas? That would be nice, wouldn’t it? Well, if so, I have an early Christmas gift for you. I’ve found a GREAT blog out there, which I warmly recommend for all of you! Eager to find out more about it? Well, the blog of the week is…

Fresh Design Blog

This blog is absolutely extraordinary and you haven’t seen the best of Bloglandia until you’ve visited this one at least once. It’s a blog where you can read about modern interior, look at amazing photos, get advice and most of all; enjoy the well written posts. You can read about how to to make the most of a small space, how to come up with storage solutions, how to use colours for interior purpose and many other useful things. Interesting, don’t you think?

I could line up several reasons why I decided to choose Fresh Design blog as blog of the week during the Christmas week, but honestly… Why don’t you visit the blog yourself? Then you can see with your own eyes why I like it so much, and I don’t think any further explanation will be needed after that.

Some signs and a new idea

So, what can I say to describe the weekend? Hmm, I really don’t know. It’s been a nice weekend, quite relaxed, more relaxed than I planned actually, since almost the entire family has catched a cold… Well, maybe we needed it in order to relax a bit!

Since I had some time on my hands I thought I could spend some time searching for nice photos of signs, posted by our winners and customers. There are tons of them to find, but I thought two of them would do today. The one above is posted by Gabriella on her blog, and the one below is published on the blog Längtans Hem. The one in the end of this post is posted on the Norwegian blog, Prinsesse Vilikkes hus. Aren’t they all lovely?

Photo: Längtans Hem

This is a part of my plan actually… I’m planning to post a photo of one of our signs in every post from now and until Christmas. Sometimes with a link to a nice blog, in order for you to find some new blog reading, and sometimes with a short story behind the sign. Does that look nice? Hope you like the idea! Let’s start tomorrow, and until then, let’s enjoy these photos and the blogs of course!

Photo: Prinsesse Vilikkes hus

A winner and a very special day to come

The best thing with Christmas gifts, and birthday presents for that matter, is that you can make someone real happy. The same goes for give-aways. As you may remember, we had a give-away on the blog last week, which ended a couple of days ago. I’ve used to select a winner, and the winner of the little heart and the bread bin towel is…


Congratulations! I hope you’ll like your award 🙂

Trumatter does, by the way, have a blog of her own. A really nice one, that I recommend all of you to visit. It’s filled with great content, beautiful photos and it’s always a pleasure to stop by.

Photo: Wikipedia

Tomorrow is a very special day over here, we celebrate Lucia, a day when you can see Lucia and her choir sing beautiful Christmas songs, with candles and beautiful dresses. It’s an old tradition here in Scandinavia, it’s been celebrated for at least a century in this modern form. My youngest son will take part in the Lucia choir at his school, and he will dress up like Santas kid. I will, of course, be there to watch and listen, and I can tell you it’s a wonderful event! Do you celebrate Lucia in your countries as well?

Beautiful photos and truly amazing blogs

A few weeks ago I posted some photos of signs that we’ve made for winners of various contests. Some of you told me afterwards that you enjoyed seeing those photos and that made me think it would be fun to do it again. I’ve found some more photos of signs that now belongs to some wonderful bloggers. Don’t forget to visit their blogs when you have time, they’re all amazing. Over at Jamie’s blog, Owl Really, there’s a give-away going on right now. You can enter and get a chance to win your own number sign from Ramsign. Her blog is really something extra and I know you’ll love it just as much as I do!

Photo: Owl Really

Photo: My Loving Home & Garden

Photo: Hill’s ville villa