How to decorate with enamel signs

I love seeing classic house numbers on walls and fences, that’s no secret. I think most of you have seen some beautiful house number signs along the streets as well and some of you probably have one as well. Maybe even a sign from Ramsign?

However, there are so much more that you can do with enamel signs and I thought I’d share a few ideas with you. You see, one of my favorite ideas when it comes to decorating is to place enamel signs inside and use them as part of the interior to make the place more unique. Does your house have a name? You can get a custom made name plate with the name of your home and place it over the door to your livingroom or your kitchen.

Or what about placing a name sign with the name of your children on a beautiful vintage sidetable like the one below? That can be found over at Himlarum by the way. That’s a wonderful web shop that everyone who likes old furniture and vintage style should visit at once… If you run a small b&b or plan on starting one you could place a sideboard like that beside the bed in every guest room and place a sign with the name of the b&b on the table, maybe accompanied by a vase with fresh flowers and a water decanter. I think it would make the guests feel very comfortable and pleased. I know I would feel that way!

I know I’ve been talking about decorating mantels before and that’s a place where an enamel sign fits in as well. Remember that a sign doesn’t have to contain a name, you can just as well have your favorite quote or some memorable words on it. It’s your choice and it can make your home really personal and the mantel is the perfect place to have it since it will be highly visible to everyone who comes to visit. If you don’t have a mantel you can place it on a shelf on the wall, like the one below for example. It will be visible and it will fit in very well too.

These are just a few of my ideas, maybe you can fill in with more? I really love to decorate with signs and other items that is custom made and unique so I appreciate all new ideas 🙂


Photo: Himlarum

Photo: Himlarum

Photo: Ramsign