Highlander Beauty

I do love our Highlander collection, that’s for sure. I understand that many of you share this love, and no wonder why… White is a very popular colour, often used for home decorating purposes nowadays, and these signs are truly classic, and they always fit in, which is a great bonus of course. If you choose a Highlander sign, you won’t have to buy a new sign just because you move to another house. The sign will look just as great there, as white is always right!

Well, since I really like the Highlander collection I wanted to show you a few samples. I wanted to share a few photos which can’t be found on our website, since these photos are taken by owners of Highlander signs. Some of them live in Europe, some in the US, but they have one thing in common. They are happy owners of signs from our Highlander collection.

Photo: La Maison Boheme

Sarah is the owner of La Maison Boheme, which is a great blog by the way. She’s also the owner of this Highlander sign. I love the look of it on the brick wall and I think it matches the lantern in a great way. Black and white is always a nice combination if you ask me, and I think Sarah really knew what she did when she placed the sign and the lantern together on the wall.

Photo: Comeca Jones

Another photo that shows how good it looks when you combine black and white. Comeca (Meme) owns this name plate and she and her husband decided to get a name plate instead of a house number, as they wanted to be able to bring it when they moved. Very clever choice if you ask me! A name plate can always follow you through life (you rarely change your name). I’ve always liked the oval and round signs, and after seeing this sign I like them even more!

I could go on and show you more photos for hours and hours, but I think it may be better to save some for another day. I still have many more to show and I think it’s fun to share some beautiful photos, which may hopefully inspire you a bit every now and then. Do you have a photo to share? Don’t hesitate to send it over, so that I can show it to the readers 🙂

A winter landscape with a classic sign

What have you been doing today? Any fun Christmas preparations? I have to admit I haven’t had much time for such things today, mostly been working today. I’ve also been busy preparing for my son’s birthday, which is tomorrow.

I have, however, not been to busy to find a new photo for you. This sign is a name plate from the Highlander collection, and it belongs to the owner of the blog Hvorfor ikke. She won the sign a few years ago, and the decided to go with the house name, which I think was a great choice.


Photo: Hvorfor ikke

I said yesterday that the Highlander signs look classic and goes great with the snowy landscape… Well, you can see that it’s true when you’re looking at these photos. I think the winter landscape does the sign justice, and it looks even more beautiful with that background, don’t you think?

I know that it can be difficult to find the right location of a house without a proper address sign to guide you, and I know that the postman as well as your friends will be very happy if you place a clearly visible nameplate like this on the fence. That’s not the only reason to get a sign like this though, it obviously makes a beautiful addition to any home as well!

Tomorrow is a new day, which means it’s time for a new photo as well. Are you ready to see it?