Highlander Beauty

I do love our Highlander collection, that’s for sure. I understand that many of you share this love, and no wonder why… White is a very popular colour, often used for home decorating purposes nowadays, and these signs are truly classic, and they always fit in, which is a great bonus of course. If you […]

A unique wedding gift

One more weekend is over, and it’s been a good but hectic one. What have you been up to? Anything fun, or just relaxed and enjoyed the time off from work? As I said, it’s been a quite hectic weekend, but I did nonetheless have time to think, and this time I considered various ways […]

A Lighthouse sign and a special number

Well, well, well… Christmas is already over, how did that happen? Now it’s just a few days left of the year, and soon we’ll be able to welcome a new year, 2013… Fascinating, exciting and interesting, don’t you think? I really enjoy my holiday project, to find photos to show you here at Highlander’s Cottage, […]

Merry Christmas to all of you!

First of all, a very Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope you’ve been enjoying the holidays! I had a great time with my relatives, and we did get a white Christmas, just like I hoped we would. Did you? It came to my mind a few hours ago when I looked out through […]

A beautiful touch of spring

Are you finished with everything that needs to be done before Christmas? I am, and I’ve travelled acrossed the country to visit my family and relatives who lives in another part of the country. We’re going to celebrate the holidays together, and I’ve finished all preparations. Feels great! It’s not as much snow here as […]