Highlander Beauty

I do love our Highlander collection, that’s for sure. I understand that many of you share this love, and no wonder why… White is a very popular colour, often used for home decorating purposes nowadays, and these signs are truly classic, and they always fit in, which is a great bonus of course. If you choose a Highlander sign, you won’t have to buy a new sign just because you move to another house. The sign will look just as great there, as white is always right!

Well, since I really like the Highlander collection I wanted to show you a few samples. I wanted to share a few photos which can’t be found on our website, since these photos are taken by owners of Highlander signs. Some of them live in Europe, some in the US, but they have one thing in common. They are happy owners of signs from our Highlander collection.

Photo: La Maison Boheme

Sarah is the owner of La Maison Boheme, which is a great blog by the way. She’s also the owner of this Highlander sign. I love the look of it on the brick wall and I think it matches the lantern in a great way. Black and white is always a nice combination if you ask me, and I think Sarah really knew what she did when she placed the sign and the lantern together on the wall.

Photo: Comeca Jones

Another photo that shows how good it looks when you combine black and white. Comeca (Meme) owns this name plate and she and her husband decided to get a name plate instead of a house number, as they wanted to be able to bring it when they moved. Very clever choice if you ask me! A name plate can always follow you through life (you rarely change your name). I’ve always liked the oval and round signs, and after seeing this sign I like them even more!

I could go on and show you more photos for hours and hours, but I think it may be better to save some for another day. I still have many more to show and I think it’s fun to share some beautiful photos, which may hopefully inspire you a bit every now and then. Do you have a photo to share? Don’t hesitate to send it over, so that I can show it to the readers 🙂

A unique wedding gift

One more weekend is over, and it’s been a good but hectic one. What have you been up to? Anything fun, or just relaxed and enjoyed the time off from work?

As I said, it’s been a quite hectic weekend, but I did nonetheless have time to think, and this time I considered various ways to use our signs. It’s obvious that you can use them as namesigns, number signs, door signs and such things, but have you ever thought of what a great wedding gift a sign like this could be?

The Ramsign in top of this post would be the perfect wedding gift for a couple who were going to start their life together in a new house. The family name on top, the year of marriage in the middle, and the name of the cottage below. Wouldn’t that be great? I think it would be real personal and unique, and something that made you remember the happiest day of your life, every time you looked at it. I would definitely like it!

Gail, the lovely owner of the blog My Repurposed Life, came up with this idea a long time before I did… She gave this sign (below) to her daughter as a wedding gift, and I think it’s beautiful, and such a nice idea!



Do you like the idea to use signs as wedding gifts? Do you have other ideas of how they can be used? Let’s hear it 🙂

A Lighthouse sign and a special number

Well, well, well… Christmas is already over, how did that happen? Now it’s just a few days left of the year, and soon we’ll be able to welcome a new year, 2013… Fascinating, exciting and interesting, don’t you think?

I really enjoy my holiday project, to find photos to show you here at Highlander’s Cottage, and since we’re getting closer to the end of this project, I decided to show you two photos today. The photo above is borrowed from the amazing blog Villa von Krogh. Anine, who owns the blog, has a beautiful house, and the Lighthouse nameplate is placed on her house, which I’m happy to say. The choice to pick the Lighthouse design was perfect, since it looks great on the white house, and I’m thrilled to show you how beautiful this design really is. I know I show many photos of our Highlander design, but it’s fun to have an opportunity to show you some of our other signs as well.

The sign in the top of the post belongs to Anita, with the blog Anitas Interiorverden. It’s from the Highlander collection as you can see, and I thought it would be fun to show you that a number sign doesn’t have to be just digits, it can include letters as well. Some of you have asked me if it’s possible to have both digits and letters, and the answer is YES. It’s perfectly possible, and it looks nice. I’m happy to say this, since I live in a house with both digits and letters myself. This means I can have my own number sign… Great, isn’t it? 🙂

As I said, a few days left until New Years Eve… Do you have any plans yet? Go on and tell me all about your celebration plans for this special event 🙂

Merry Christmas to all of you!

First of all, a very Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope you’ve been enjoying the holidays! I had a great time with my relatives, and we did get a white Christmas, just like I hoped we would. Did you? It came to my mind a few hours ago when I looked out through the window that it actually looks like a post card, and it’s so amazingly beautiful.

I really liked the idea to show you a new photo of one of our signs every day, so I will continue doing it for a few more days, maybe until New Years Eve, who knows… Today will be a bit special though, since I’ll show you another photo as well, a photo of our Christmas tree with some of the gifts underneath. Like it?

The photo of the day is really special. Liv-Tone won a give-away where she could choose any house number sign, and since she didn’t have any house number at the time being, she did choose her lucky number instead, and in opposite of many people, her lucky number is 13. She has placed it among other things that means much to her, and I really like that thought. I think it’s such a wonderful idea, and it looks real nice there! Maybe you’ve got some time on your hand now that the Christmas is almost over, if that’s the case; go ahead and visit her blog to see more beautiful photos!

Now I’m dying to hear about your holidays. Please let me know how your Christmas has been 🙂

A beautiful touch of spring

Are you finished with everything that needs to be done before Christmas? I am, and I’ve travelled acrossed the country to visit my family and relatives who lives in another part of the country. We’re going to celebrate the holidays together, and I’ve finished all preparations. Feels great! It’s not as much snow here as it is at home, but we’ll still get a white Christmas, and that’s great.

The fact that all preparations are done means that I’ll have plenty of time to find beautiful photos for you until Christmas, and that’s what I’ve been doing today. This sign belongs to the owner of the blog Violettas Verden, and the sign is placed on the wall at her front porch. I think it looks adorable, and I thought it would be fun with a touch of spring on the blog, now when the winter has us all in its grip. I love the beautiful daffodils, they are certainly one of the most perfect signs of spring that one can ever find. The sign is a name plate from our Highlander collection, and it looks great on her wall, don’t you think?

The blog is wonderful as well, so have a look at it if you’ve got a few minutes to spare, I’m sure it’ll be added to your blog roll as soon as you’ve seen it!

Do you have your own photo of a Ramsign to show? Feel free to send it over, I’d love to share it on the blog!