Blog of the Week #8

From the beginning I planned to post Blog of the Week every weekend, but since other posts needed their space as well, I’ve pretty much changed that plan, and now Blog of the Week may just as well be posted in the middle of the week. Some nice reading just can’t be wrong, whatever day it is, right?

It was really difficult to choose just one blog this week, since I think many blogs are even more lovely than usual at this time of the year. Christmas posts can be found all over the net and I truly love these posts. Well… I had to make a decision and I have made it, however tricky it was. Blog of the Week is…

My Scandinavian Home

This blog is written by a girl from London who happens to live in Sweden. She loves the Scandinavian style and you could say that the blog is quite much a celebration to the Scandinavian Home. I love it! The photos which are being posted are absolutely amazing and I love every single blog post. I love the Scandinavian style that I know so well, with white painted wooden floors, fireplaces, simplicity and light. I’m a fan of the Scandinavian style too, which is probably one reason why I decided to choose this blog, but there are many more reasons I can assure you!

The blog author writes mainly short, simple and well written posts which are easy to read. The text is always accompanied by several lovely photos and I think the text and the photos makes a great combination. Whether you’re just searching the net for some visual inspiration or if you’re searching for a good blog to read every now and then you will most likely come to like this one, as it gives you so much inspiration without requiring much time.

Both photos are borrowed from the Blog of the Week, and you will find many more of them if you pay a visit to My Scandinavian Home!